Sizing Answers

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how our boots fit.  We will try to explain it below.  As always, feel free to contact our customer service department at 304-757-0826 to help you answer any questions you may have on any of our products.



The last is the item that the leather is wrapped around to form the shape of the foot. 

Each company uses their own last size to produce their footwear. As the trend in our industry is for males to need wider footwear, we use a fuller last when building our men's boots than most other companies.  Our female boots tend to run similar to most other companies lasts.

Example: In men's boots, if you typically wear a size 10 in most of the other brands, you will wear a size 9 in RockinLeather.  In ladies, if you wear a size 8 in other brands, you will typically wear a size 8 in RockinLeather.



This is the most common question we get asked: "Do you carry wide width".  

Width is a very gray area in this industry. Sizing is all about width in footwear.  For example, a size 10.5 is only 1/4" longer than size 10, but the big difference comes in the width.  So, if you will go out and measure another company's 10.5D to a 10EE, you will see that they are the same size.  

We try to keep it simple by only making one width. Therefore, if you wear 10.5EE in another brand, you will typically wear a size 10 in RockinLeather